Looking good aint bad….

The Nigeria Fashion Week provided the most appropriate atmosphere and opportunity for fashion, beauty and hair products and accessories to meet with both local and international wholesalers, buyers, retailers, end users, distributors and fashion press who were all present at the just concluded week.

For the Nigerian participants, it offered the widest marketing opportunities for products and services.

And for international exhibitors, it welcomed  the exceptional hospitality and patronage of the very friendly Nigerian people.

In its seventh year, the Nigeria Fashion Week is fast becoming the most sought after fashion event in Africa. Over the years, it has played host to both local and international luxury brands.

Following the success of the NFW 2011 Going Green initiative, we  decided to create a bigger platform for eco-fashion -or sustainable fashion as it is also called- during this year’s event.
Therefore, in order to achieve our goal of increasing awareness about this theme, NFW 2012 “going green 2” will be featuring:

1-     A  ‘Going Green Collection’ ,
2-     An awareness walk and tree planting exercise

In addition, guests attending the “going green” show will be expected to wear clothes made from recycled or/and environmentally friendly materials. A List of designers specialized in eco-fashion will be available for purchase of outfit.

Below are some pictures from the event

image2 image3 image4 image5


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