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Prophet T.B Joshua delivers gay Nigerian, makes him ‘straight’




Prophet TB Joshua recently delivered a gay Nigerian, Thaddeus and made him ‘straight’.

Sharing his testimonies during a live programme on Emmanuel TV, Thaddeus, a Nigerian from Imo State revealed that “the ‘gay’ demon has been chased out of him after an encounter with Prophet TB Joshua’s Wise men.

“I was travelling to Asia and had a long stopover in an African country where he stayed in a hotel with a swimming pool. I went for a swim with fellow men, then went to eat and sleep.

That night, in a dream, I saw myself swimming in the same swimming pool naked with other men. When i woke up, I was sweating and the ‘gay’ demon entered me’ he revealed.

I realised that I no longer had passion for women, but rather began to develop passion for men like me, yet I was a christian”  he further revealed.

As a translator in his church, Thaddeus continued assisting in the church while still living that lifestyle and “indulging in these sinful desires”.

One day, his pastor asked him to go to The Synagogue Church of All Nations,  SCOAN for deliverance.

“On arriving at The SCOAN, I was in one of the many overflow canopies and could not get a pass to enter the church.

From nowhere, an old woman who I have never met before handed me a pass, saying, “Here, take mine and go inside.”

As soon as I entered, Wise Man Christopher approached me, and I lost control of myself until I was finally delivered in the name of Jesus Christ. ” Thaddeus narrated
“Now I am delivered, I no longer have affection for men but for ladies. If you come across someone with the same problem, you should not condemn. The only answer is deliverance.” He concluded


Hats off for young Nigerians as fashions change




LAGOS — They are the traditional markers in Nigeria of both ethnic and social identity — and even royalty — but for Raphael Akindele and young men like him, hats are sometimes quite literally a pain.

“I just don’t feel smart and comfortable wearing a hat on a ‘buba and sokoto’,” said the 21-year-old, referring to the traditional long robe and trousers worn by many Nigerian men.

“Such dressing belongs to the old school,” the computer technician told AFP at a recent Lagos wedding, where his t-shirt and jeans set him apart from other guests in colourful traditional attire.

From Trilbies, Homburgs and Panamas to Bowlers and Fedoras, hats were once an essential part of any appropriately dressed Western gentleman’s wardrobe until fashions changed.

But in Nigeria, hats of all colours, shapes, sizes and designs are still a regular sight.
Internationally, the country’s current most famous hat wearer is President Goodluck Jonathan, who is rarely seen without his black Fedora, which is widely worn by men in Nigeria’s oil-rich southeast.

Elsewhere, the Trilby or Bowler, sometimes adorned with a white feather, is in vogue with men in the Niger Delta, while men from the Hausa ethnic group favour the “habar kada”, which is likened to a crocodile’s mouth.

Many Yoruba men plump for the “gobi”, an embroidered soft cap that can be worn either fully raised or tilted to one side, or the “abeti aja”, whose triangular flaps are folded either side like dog ears.

For Igbo males, only traditional chiefs and monarchs wear the red fez-like hats popular in northern Africa, while others sport headgear similar to the “gobi”.

With such a wide variety, it might be thought that any image-conscious young man would be able to find one to suit his own style.

But Ismail Aminu, a 24-year-old student in the northeastern city of Maiduguri, said simply: “I get headaches whenever I put on caps for long.

“I use them occasionally or during religious or traditional ceremonies because I see them as a burden on my head.

“Caps in this part of Nigeria are heavy because they are mostly knitted and starched. Using caps among the youths is gradually becoming a thing of the past.”

Many older men, for whom hat-wearing is second nature, admit they are baffled and even outraged at the vogue for a bare head.

Maiduguri trader Abdulahhi Abubakar, 43, said the phenomenon was “an aberration of the culture of the Hausa” while lecturer Lere Adeyemi said it “violates the ethos of Nigerian culture”.

Former teacher Benjamin Ofomadu, 76, said for his generation, not to wear a hat with traditional dress was considered “a cultural sacrilege of sort and… irresponsible”.

In some cultures, hats are seen as a “mark of respect for your head… your destiny”, said Adeyemi, who teaches African and Asian cultural studies at the University of Lagos.

“If you do not wear a cap on a traditional dress, your dressing is incomplete,” he added.
“It simply shows that there is a disconnect between such a person and culture, which is part of our life. And this is sad.”

Critics blamed television and the creeping influence of foreign or Western culture for the trend, while Adeyemi claimed the dress codes in some jobs were a lingering form of colonialism.

Nigeria’s banking sector, for example, requires men to wear a Western-style suit and tie. Horsehair wigs and gowns introduced by the British former rulers are still seen in the legal profession.

Young men in jeans, t-shirts — and even baseball caps — are meanwhile increasingly seen in places such as Lagos, indicating that outside trends were taking hold.

“They see people in suits and they admire them. They no longer appreciate caps,” said Ibrahim Musa Babagana, a 52-year-old sociology teacher.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome relocates to South Africa




Phcitytunez gathered that the stylish and urbane Pastor relocated ‘to further spread the gospel of Christ and win more souls for God.’

His church members were said to have asked questions when he initially took the decision but they all agreed that it was time for him to move on as he has reportedly raised pastors who could hold back for him in Nigeria.

“Pastor Oyakhilome is still in touch with what we do in Nigeria, he comes around regularly, but he currently stays in South Africa, where the church is expanding by the day. There is no cause for alarm, the pastors here are doing well too and I can tell you that the church is growing by the day and we are winning souls for Christ,” said a source tells First Weekly.

Through an anointed Ministry, spanning over 25 years, Pastor, teacher, healing minister, television host and best-selling author, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (PhD) has helped millions experience a victorious and purposeful life in God’s word.

He is the author of the bestseller Rhapsody of Realities, the number one daily devotional around the world, which he co-authored with his wife, Rev. Anita Oyakhilome.

Teaser for Ghanaian Thriller DOUBLE CROSS Starring Ama K. Abebrese and John Dumelo




Ama K. Abebrese, Adjetey Anang and John Dumelo team up for the Ghanaian thriller Double Cross whose teaser trailer has just been released. The movie was directed by Pascal Aka and from the storyline and scenes captured in this teaser, the movie just might be worth watching.

Check out the storyline and teaser below while we await the release date to be announced and the release of the full trailer.

Effie Howard (Ama K. Abebrese) a streetwise programmer’s life is dramatically turned upside down when her fiancé Ben Boateng (Adjetey Anang) is convicted and sentenced for a bank robbery he did not commit. She is determined to prove his innocence; she carried out her own investigation and finds the actual robber; Danny Frimpong (John Dumelo) a calm and collected sophisticated genius of a thief who has a personal vendetta against the bank he robbed Neptune Bank International. He robbed the bank using technological equipment’s and software’s which enabled him to enter, steal and exit the bank leaving everyone mystified as to how the theft was carried out, no witnesses, no evidence, yet the money is gone.

She meets Danny and threatens him but offers him a deal, and it’s to rob the bank again with similar methods as the first so the authorities know the actual robber is still out there then Danny does not lose what matters to him most and the reason for the bank robbery. She plans to relocate with the money when Ben is acquitted so as to get away from the stigma attached to ex-convicts and their families. After the bank robbery Effie sets her sights on a jewellery warehouse and she wants Danny to rob it.

With a lot of jewellery and loads of money at stake, each one of them tries to outwit each other with medleys of smart thinking as they plan and execute the robberies. They meticulously plan the robberies, but no amount of careful planning or expertise can prepare them for the dangerous enemy, an enemy Effie least expected and never saw coming; an unexpected turn of events on the day of the robbery, what happened?

People disrespecting my music, leaving negative blog comments make me sad – Emma Nyra


Triple MMG artiste, Emma Chukwugoziam Obi , popularly known as Emma Nyra has disclosed that she gets upset when she reads blogs and finds people disrespecting her music or making negative comments about her.



She stated this in a recent interview with Vanguard.

“Every day I get Facebook messages that are out of this world. If I put them out, people will be like Emma is wicked. I get a lot of inappropriate messages. Even this morning I got an inappropriate message on Instagram, I can’t even tell you what the person said.

I don’t mind reading inappropriate messages but the one that makes me sad is when you read a blog and somebody doesn’t respect the music that you do or have bad opinions about you which comes everyday as well. You take the good with the bad; everybody is entitled to their own opinion.

Explaining how she handles her stardom, the singer said “The only part that is affecting me is dating. Dating is very difficult. Everything else, I like. The worst part is dating. Sometimes, guys come up to me, Oh yeah Emma Nyra’ and that’s how it starts.

”It is not as genuine as it used to be. Since I am a woman, it affects me in a way. Sometimes, you see people coming to you, not because of who you are. It puts me off sometimes if you come to me because you’ve seen me on a blog.

I miss the days when a guy will walk up to you and just tell you I love the way you carry yourself, not necessarily because of a particular image they see.”

Femi Kuti Loses Grammy Awards




igerian frontline Afrobeat singer, Femi Kuti, has lost out at the Grammy Awards for the fourth time, as French group, Gipsy Kings and South African choral group Ladysmith Black Mambazo tie for the World Music category prize.

The winner for the category and some others were announced at a pre-telecast Sunday evening.

The critically acclaimed singer who did not attend the awards ceremony received the news graciously and sent out a congratulatory message to the winners.

The Afrobeat king, who was nominated for his latest album, No Place for My Dream,’ also lost out at the Grammys in 2003, 2010 and 2011.

Two unconventional acts, French electronic music DJs Daft Punk and New Zealand teen Lorde, took home the top Grammy awards.

The quirky robotic duo, Daft Punk, scored the double win of ‘Album of the year’ for “Random Access Memories,” and ‘Record of the year’ with the summer dance hit “Get Lucky,” featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers.

Rodgers praised the French DJ duo for creating their electronic music album using live music recorded on to analog tape, calling it “a labour of love.”

“The fact that they decided to put this much effort into the music and bringing in musicians, they had this incredible vision and they believed they achieved something greater by doing that,” Rodgers said backstage.

Kelly Rowland to perform at Darey’s Love Like A Movie Season 2




After much speculation, multiple award winning American singer and actress Kelly Rowland has been unveiled as the surprise act performing at the second edition of Darey Art Alade’s critically acclaimed music concert, Love Like a Movie: The Love Roller Coaster!
Other artistes to perform at the second edition of LLAM include D’banj, Tiwa Savage, Seyi Shay, Mo ‘Eazy, Zaina, Timi Dakolo, Waje, Muna, JJC, Eva and others.
The special edition of the LLAM red carpet will be streamed online across the world and will hold onSaturday 15 February at Eko Hotel & Suites Oceanview Grounds.