“I Am Not Putting Out New Music Until I’m Done With My Father’s Burial In January 2015″ -CHIDINMA



This comes as a shock to most people, especially the petite singer’s fans.

Chidinma, who is signed to the Capital Hill record label says the so called new tracks from her are off her first album released in 2012.

The talented singer, Chidinma has denounced two songs that have been described as her latest singles.

The singer revealed that the songs titled ‘I’m In Love’, and ‘Direction’ are not her latest releases.

In an Instagram post she said that the two tracks are off her self-titled debut album releases in 2012. “The two songs circulating on the Internet titled ‘Direction’ and ‘I’m In Love’ are songs taken from my previously released post Project Fame album. They are about three years old and do not in any way reflect where I am artistically currently” posted the star on Instagram.

She further went on to say that she will not be putting out new music until her father’s burial in January, 2015. “I am not putting out new music until I’m done with my fathers burial in January 2015. Thank you for your support and love…”


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