P-Square – Peter Okoye “Worships” Money, Prays For Igbos


Peter Okoye of P-Square
Peter Okoye, popular singer and one half of singing sensation, P-Square has made a special prayer request; where he prays fervently on their behalf and explains the reason he prays for them.

On a picture Peter posted on his Instagram page where he had his hands clasped together as he would do when praying, he wrote:

“This prayer is for all Igbos. Dear money, since all the ethnic groups in Nigeria, agree and constantly confirm that it is only the Igbos that love you so much, please rise and visit every Igbo person struggling anywhere around the globe… Visit them with all your different clothes like Dollars, Pounds, Euros and Naira. You may leave out other tribes since they keep denying you in public… Amen! If you are proudly Igbo, let me hear a thunderous Igbotic Ameeeeeen!”

The singer was recently endorsed by Olympic Milk without his twin brother, Paul Okoye; a development that sparked fears over the possibility of disharmony within the P-Square camp.

#PeterOkoye #PSquare


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