Tiwa Savage loses fans over marriage true lies


Nigeria’s leading female act; Tiwa Savage has lost many fans over her marriage true lies.
She was a guest at Olisa’s show; The Truth. During the interview, the songstress revealed the challenges she faces in a male dominated industry, her controversial track, Wanted, and of course she was also asked about her marital issues. This is what she said;
“Every woman has that element and that period where they just feel sexy inside.I think I was going through a phase. Yea I wasn’t scared to show it and wasn’t scared of any backlash that was going to come ,because I know that whatever happens,I can always back up any controversy with my talent . The song is my favourite in my album. It might not be most people’s cup of tea in Nigeria, but internationally, they listen to that song and they love it .
The guy who produced it is Oak, who produced “Your love “for Nicki Minaj. So I love the song. I’m influenced by Beyonce and by Mariah Carey by Rihanna, Brandy. I’m influenced all the time. I wasn’t thinking whether Nigeria was ready or not, I was just doing something from an artistic point of view.No regrets at all” She explained.
However, when asked how are marriage was going, she didn’t say anything, all she did was zip her mouth. When also asked about where they spent their honeymoon, she didn’t say a word.


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