Shakira Breaks Social Media Record: 8 Percent of Active Facebook Users ‘Like’ ‘La La La (Brazil 2014)’ Singer


Colombian Singer Shakira in Brazil

World-renowned Colombian singer Shakira has broken a new social media record, which has propelled her name even farther into stardom.

Since her singing career took off in Latin America in the mid-1990s, Shakira has become a music icon, and as such, she also has an extensive social media presence. Other musicians have broken very impressive records via social media, like Psy for his music video for “Gangnam Style,” which reached over a billion views on YouTube. However, Shakira has now set a record of her own.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Shakira’s Facebook page has passed 100 million “likes.” She joined the site in 2008 with around 300,000 “likes,” but just five years later, her page is being liked by around eight percent of Facebook’s 1.28 billion global monthly active users.

In an email to the Journal, Shakira expressed her emotions on learning about her new record, saying it is “just an unfathomable number.” Her new achievement is “something I never necessarily anticipated but a really welcoming and heartwarming surprise,” the Colombian singer said.

Variety explains that Shakira’s social media surge was aided in part by her song for the 2014 World Cup, “La La La (Brazil 2014),” which has been viewed more than 263 million times on YouTube.

According to Mashable, Shakira reached the milestone after performing in the World Cup’s closing ceremony and she released a “look back” video reminiscing on her Facebook experience since 2008.

The singer uploaded a video to her Facebook page, thanking her fans for the new record. The video, as of this writing, has been “liked” more than 630,000 times.


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