What was he thinking? Man spends $100,000 on surgery to look like Justin Bieber (PHOTOS)



When a 33-year-old Los Angeles man spends a tenth of a million dollars just to have the 18-year-old look of Justin Bieber, something is definitely wrong.

Toby Sheldon revealed on E!’s plastic/cosmectic surgery show, ‘Botched’ that he’s spent more than $100,000 in surgeries to look like Justin Bieber.

Toby, who’s a songwriter says he has had his upper and lower lips lifted to have a kind of ‘permanent smirk’ that Bieber has, and also had some liposuction done because he wants to have a six pack like the Canadian singer.

But apparently, he isn’t satisfied with the already close-resemblance, revealing that he intends to do more surgery. He said, “Basically, I would love to get my forehead reduced, then a jaw reduction.”

And when he was told by the doctor that the surgery would temporarily make his forehead look disformed, Toby responded saying, “There’s hats to cover it with. It’s two months of misery for a lifetime of happiness.”



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