Event: Sunday In Theatre – July Edition @spuronstage


Sunday July 20th is another day for Sunday in Theatre- SIT. Come sit in the great company of the elite audience with your guests, friends and family members for classy fun, at the Atlantic Hall of Hotel Presidential. There, you will relish the live theatre performance of a family situational drama written by Dr (Mrs) Julie Umukoro entitled ADAMS’ FAMILY (2012)

Julie Umukoro, is currently the Ag Head of Department, Theatre and Film Studies, University of Port Harcourt. In Adams’ Family, she sufficiently mirrored the trauma of living and surviving in a “nation in transition”. With dramatic situations and twists, the playwright exemplified the experience of a middle-class Nigerian family, who returned homes to their fatherland, having lived in the UK for a decade, and surviving the odds in their country, calls for some mental and attitudinal adjustments by enculturation. Adams’ Family makes bold to challenge the Government at all levels regarding their responsibilities to the citizenry, as much as it also calls for resilience and necessary adjustments for survival on the part of the citizenry, as the nation passes through transition.
Sunday in Theatre, July edition shall be another evening of an amazing theatre experience spiced with elevated wits and humour, and the host will be Mr Sheriff Quadry (OAP at Cool/Nigeria Info FM), fondly referred to as the “rich voice behind the news”. The Night promises optimum satisfaction as we bring back on stage, the star actor on SIT May edition, Ovunda Ihunwo, whose directorial prowess shall also come to bare in the interpretation of the text- Adams’ Family. 

Tickets are available at all The Promise Fast food Outlets in Port Harcourt, The Office Karaoke Bar (Tombia street GRA PHC), VTB Consulting (10 Kanah Street, D/Line PHC) and of course at Hotel Presidential on the event’s day. 
All roads lead to Hotel Presidential for that classy fun and family entertainment in the month of July. SIT is a stickler for time and the time is 5pm to 7:00pm. Don’t miss out!
For more information/enquiry/Tickets:
Call- 0708241437
Send a Mail- Info@spuronstage.org
Follow us on twitter and tweet at us- www.twitter.com/spuronstage
Like our fan page and leave a comment- www.facebook.com/spuronstag 

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