It’s not easy taking care of a set of twins —Muma Gee










Muma Gee is a Nigerian singer,.In this interview withNEWTON, RAY UKWOMA, the musician who just became a mother talks about motherhood, marriage and her career. Excerpts.

Finally you are a mother. How does it feel to be a mother of a set of twins.
I feel privileged and grateful to God. Though my late mother-in-law was a twin, I am the first of her daughters-in-law to give birth to twins – a boy and a girl. This gives me the sweetest feeling of joy.


Were you afraid at some point?
Yes, of course; but I knew I would pull through. A number of things happened during that period. It is a story for another day. At the moment, it is the joy I feel that makes everything rewarding.

How long does it take to feed them both?
You are asking because you heard them crying in the background. Anyway, it takes about 15 minutes on each breast and another 15 minutes on the other for a baby. So, multiply that by two; that is an hour of breastfeeding on each feeding.

How do you handle it when they cry at the same time?
I cajole them one after the other to calm them down. I also sing and dance for them. My baby nursery is equipped with lots of musical instruments that help steal their attention from crying. Beside that, I have the most experienced mother on earth, Momcy Nancy Uwame, who has the magic.

You are a singer; your husband an actor. Do you see the twins continuing with the entertainment industry?
Caesar and his younger sister, Cleopatra, have the sole right to choose who they want to become or what they want to do – not us.

What has changed since you had your babies?
A lot has changed, now that I have two more (kids) to take care of. So, sharing attention is one that has changed.

How is your husband taking these changes?
He also contributes greatly too.

You’ve been out of sight for a while. What have you been doing since?
Beside recording my latest album entitled: Motherland, I have been building my Port Harcourt production factory. I am also back in school for Management Science, Marketing major, running my business and building a family; and most recently, playing politics.

Which political party has won your heart?
I am with the party that makes the power get to the people.

Isn’t that what all political parties claim they are after?

What’s the difference?
The difference is very clear. By their fruits we know them.

You must be confident of this party.
That is an understatement; I invest in my belief. And I have pledged my commitment to contribute my quota in bringing the new Nigeria to reality as soon as possible through good leadership.

Do you intend to run for any office?

Some people feel that your single, Port Harcourt is Back, was your contribution to the politics there. What would you say about that single?
Yes, that is so right and there is more to be done by us, Rivers State people, to better our state and country at large,

if the room is given. That is why we have to ensure our leader, come 2015, is one who will have the ears and wipe the tears of my people.

Something tells me you want to run for office in 2015.
(Laughs out loud) It’s too early for one to say now. And what I meant is if given the opportunity to promote our state through our various areas of God-given gifts.

Does it mean you have plans for political office in the future?
In future, yes; at the fullness of time.

Can you tell us what your first reaction was when you heard the news of robbery and rape linked to Angela Okorie, Prosper and Prince Eke, your hubby, in South Africa?
My first reaction was not negative at all, but as the other party went on and on, I could see a sure case of someone trying so hard to take a shine on the brand Prince Eke; and even wanted to bring my name to it because I kept reading ‘Muma Gee’s husband’ – which just made me laugh so loud each time, and I refused to get involved.

Do you think your silence served the case well?
Yes, because I don’t have time for child’s play.

What are we to expect of your album Motherland?
Motherland is a unique piece of artwork prepared and produced in the land of my birth. And unlike other works I had done in the past, it is more on the contemporary side. On the 17th of August, we shall be having the album release concert on the night of the twins’ dedication and my hubby’s birthday bash, which falls on his actual birthday eve.

Where is it going to happen?
My mother land in Rivers State.

I could conclude that your love for Rivers State is the reason you left Lagos. Is it?
I love my root and my mother land is Rivers State. Yes, you can conclude that I have great love for my homeland. Lagos is a playground for me and I must return home after the fun, to set things right and fulfill the purpose I was created for in this state.

What are you gaining from the River State government?
This present government of Rivers State has not supported me or my career in any way. And generally speaking, I have not seen anyone in our line of business being encouraged, except for the two Ikwere artistes – one comedian and a singer. For a cultural ambassador like me who has been promoting the state globally and nationally, even before the emergence of any other stars from the state, I deserve their encouragement. I have personally approached the governor for more than five times.

Does it mean you support the Peoples Democratic Party?
That is not what I am saying. I am totally in support of the party that cares for the people; the party that is willing to develop Nigeria. I am pro-good leadership.

You were one of the celebrities selected for the Gulder Ultimate Search Celebrity Showdown. Tell us about your experience in the jungle as a contestant.
The reality show was a very ‘Afrotastic’ experience. It drew me very close to nature and also made me understand more about the human psychology (how people’s mind works). For me, it was sweet and sour as I suffered humiliation and moments of joy with my counterparts and contenders. But in the end, two significant things happened: It created an opportunity for my fans to know me beyond my customs and stage. It multiplied my fan base.

Why does your music have a heavy South African style?
My style is ‘Afrotastic’. It cuts across and represents Africa in totality, though more Nigerian (my root) as I aim to promote the cultural value and heritage of my people at any given point. I do not blame you for likening it to that of South Africa, because I go deep and dig out our lost cultural elements that this present generation is not familiar with; put them together and build my brand, which is what I refer to as my ‘Afrotastic’ style.

Tell us about your love for flowing gowns.
My love for flowing gown? I am a woman; I’m a queen; I’m beautiful and I deserve the best in life. Flowing gowns are the only form of dress that highlights and accentuates the glamour, elegance and beauty of my well-structured body to the glory of God.

Muma Gee, your stage name, is often mistaken with Nollywood actress ‘Mama G’. How did you coin it?
My stage name, Muma Gee, is derived from my African name ‘Muma’ which means ‘do good’ in Ekpeye dialect; and the ‘Gee’ (is) from my baptismal name ‘Gift’. The double ‘e’ is a stylish move just to make it sound artistic. Chief (Mrs) Gift Muma Eke is thus my full name.

Where is Ekpeye dialect from?
Ekpeye dialect is the spoken language of the people of the Great Ekpeye kingdom in Ahoada East (Local Government) and part of West Local Government in Rivers State, Nigeria.


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