From entertainment to pulpit









Are you wondering where some of your favourite superstars have gone, or why you have not been seeing some old superstars who entertained you in the mid 90s on your screen? JOAN OMIONAWELE discovered some of them have found new callings.

Eucharia Anunobi
In the mid-80s and early 90s, this Nollywood actress appeared on almost every screen and entertained all Nigerians with her art. But after some time, the Glamour Girls star got enmeshed in some scandals and subsequently disappeared from public glare.

However, she bounced back, got married and had a son, though the marriage did not last due to irreconcilable differences. Again, the actress stopped acting for a while, to the dismay of her fans.

She announced in 2013 that she had now become an evangelist and was not granting interviews anymore.

“I have  moved from the things that don’t  matter to the things that matter more, which is doing the work of my Father who created me and made me an instant star when I least expected it in my life,” she declared in a recent interview.

Pat Attah
Remember Pat Attah? He was the hunk who got ladies drooling whenever he acted the role of an eligible bachelor in movies; but he bowed out of the scene just as the ovation was getting loudest.

The playboy actor, who once had dreadlocks, is now a ‘clean man’. Saturday Tribune gathered that he is now based in Hamburg, Germany, where he is reportedly winning souls for Christ.
Merely reading his posts online, one would acknowledge that the actor is a new creature in Christ, as he devotes his social network pages, including Facebook, to deliver his sermon and messages to those who care to read them.

Zack Orji
No one who was an ardent fan of Nollywood can say he/she did not know Zack Orji. He was always given roles of a coolheaded father, pastor or a maltreated husband.

Zachee Ama Orji, was born in Libreville, Gabon, in the 1960s. A graduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State, Orji, who has now been ordained an evangelist, landed his first movie role in 1991, in the flick entitled Unforgiven Sin.

He was the President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria for a few years; then his roles in movies started reducing, till he finally stopped playing roles.

Well, the actor decided to dump ‘the things of the world’ and decided, according to reports, to become a worker in God’s vineyard.

Zack was ordained a full-time evangelist by Bishop Emma Isong of the Christian Central Chapel International (CCCI) about four years ago.

The veteran actor has been spotted in such cities as Abuja, Nasarawa and Makurdi where he is engaged in various evangelical activities. But this has not stopped him from storming the celebrity hangout, as he even landed a movie role earlier in the year.

Liz Benson
When Elizabeth Benson (also known as Liz Benson) featured in the movie, Diamond Ring, in the mid-1990s, movie lovers in Nigeria were awed at the professionalism of this prolific actress. She eventually appeared in many more movies. Many had thought that Liz Benson was here to stay.

But soon after, after becoming the toast of many film lovers, she simply disappeared. It was later gathered that she had got married to Bishop Great Emeya in 2009, at the Rainbow Christian Assembly in Warri, Delta State.
Liz Benson has since been ordained an evangelist in the church and presently runs the church with her husband.

Soul E
RnB singer, Soul E, was known for his hit song, E be like say, with 2Face in 2006 and got more notorious for his marriage to an older woman, Queen Ure, a banker.

However, about three years after the union, their marriage hit the rocks and both went their separate ways.
Nothing was heard from Soul E again, until he began posting some prophetic messages on Facebook warning Nigerians of incoming plagues and attacks. He also recently said he saw a vision in which Wizkid and Davido got involved in an accident.
The singer, who is preparing to release an all-gospel album, told Saturday Tribune in a chat that he would now want to be known as Prophet Soul E.
He has since married his second wife quietly and ministers round the country with his crew.


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