D’Banj in Secret Marriage?




D’banj, one of Nigeria’s hottest musical stars turned 34, on Monday, June 9. And as expected, activities were rolled out to mark his birthday anniversary, at Four Point Hotel, Lekki, Lagos, courtesy of Heritage Bank. The Koko Master seized the opportunity offered by the gathering to unveil yet another significant aspect of his career, a strong entrepreneurial initiative focusing on Agriculture and Agro-economic enterprise called Koko Agropreneu as he donated N50 million to empower the Nigerian youths.  In this exclusive interview with Showtime Celebrity, D’banj shares what he feels was the mistake he made while the partnership with Don Jazzy lasted as his former business partner. He also talks about his relationship with top Nollywood actress, Genevieve Nnaji among other issues.

You are celebrating your 34th birthday as well as your 10 years on stage, this year. How has the journey been so far?

It has not been an easy one. Though, it’s been interesting, full of ups and downs; sobbing and smiling. But importantly, it’s been rewarding. God has been so good to me. What I have achieved in my 34 years of life, as well as my 10 years as a performer, it’s only the Almighty Lord that could have done it for me. I am so honoured and privileged.

When you look back from where you started 10 years ago, what were the mistakes you made you wished you didn’t make? I don’t really like to recount my mistakes. This is because I believe that for every individual, there is always a learning process. A good friend of mine used to call it ‘school fees.’ So, when you go through a bad experience, just have it that you have paid an expensive school fee.

What you should have asked me is that how many schools fees have I paid in the past 10 years? I would tell you that as every other human being, I am not perfect. I have made my own normal mistakes. But in my own opinion, there has not been any mistake I made that has been detrimental to my career. God has always saved me. Thank Almighty God for mercies.

Could you recall some of those mistakes?

One major mistake I made was not doing something differently in the past, considering all that happened between me and my ex-business partner, Don Jazzy. This is because we never really had issues. I believe, people that fueled the problem. May be, I should have fought more for what I brought up.


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