Trey Songz promises a sexy fun-filled performance


Guests and media from all over the continent converged at the theatre building for a taste of what’s to come on the night.

Nominees Uhuru promised a hot performance and were refreshing in their honesty when they said they really want to take home a gong tonight.

Trey Songz was expectedly welcomed by wolf whistles and screams from the ladies. He gave a teaser of his “Nana” hit and was flirtatious. “I think the ladies just wanna know if I’m gonna take my shirt off,” he laughed.

He promised a sexy fun-filled performance with a surprise twist. “I sell a thing of beauty so I have to make sure that I deliver what I promise,” he said.

Miguel was all about “the good music” and staying true to the soul and R&B, while French Montana was upstaged by his girlfriend Khloe Kardashian who had everyone in a frenzy from the floor while he was ignored up on stage.

But tonight, the attention will be on him when he takes to the stage at the Durban ICC. It promises to be an epic turn up!


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