HENRY of HUK ENTERTAINMENT and he’s partners has been spreading Broadcasts from BBM and other Social Nets on the rumours that HUK ENTERTAINMENT has changed the brand name from, “FUNKY WEEKEND” to “EL’SANTOS”.

 Which was also published on a blog, so as to officially stamp the statement…
 But direct information reaching ThaUkwuBenda from one of ThaUkwuBenda’s Bendress, DIZZ-BABY says: “That’s the biggest and craziest lie of 2014“.
        Blog post on the change of name:

DIZZ-BABY is one female artiste that has not been taking it easy with her musical career, She’s been hard working on her stage acts and musical performances + attacking all obstacles to strive forward. She’s pressently serving her country via ‘NYSC’ and would be off soon to fully get back on track.
When ThaUkwuBenda had a chat wit her unto matters, She seemed very upset with the news and had alot to say about it…

         BBM Broadcast form DIZZ-BABY:

 “HENRY of HUK ENTERTAINMENT is a fraud and can’t be trusted, He’s tried to ruin my career, soil my name and many other un-imaginable things, I never knew a lot of trash was going on behind my back until my God said it was ok and has to stop.
 All rumours about “FUNKY WEEKEND” changing to something else are all lies, it’s no true… Cos am not working with HENRY any more, he is fighting me. FUNKY WEEKEND is registered under me.. Just cause he want to start hes own show, he’s trying to look for cheap publicity, using my brand name to create his.. I will sue him for that”.

  Hehehe So why aren’t you guys working together?

  “My dear, I have a big issue with that guy and am taking him to court. He also tricked me into signing a deal with a company that isn’t registered”.

  Hmmm really? What company and what are they into?

  “Trying to use me in dupping people, am way too educated for such cheap fraud”.

  Wow! that’s serious!

  “Now he’s trying to start a show using my brand name, a brand I registered and have a trade mark for. I’d let him knowthat Funky Weekend is not just a show but a registered brand name”.

   But the rumours about the name change is fast spreading + its been published on a blog..

  “I just called the guy now, and he said he’ll take down the post.. He said he taught I was aware of it and he doesn’t know that we aren’t working anymore”.

What do you all think pals? Can this be true?…Relax as more gist unfolds here…


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