Rihanna Accidentally Smashes Police Chief’s Phone, Donates $25K to His Charity


While taking a selfie with the Los Angeles Police Commission president, the Bajan star accidentally dropped the phone, breaking it.



Maybe there should be a Good Gal RiRi meme.

The pop star shelled out $25,000 to a police chief’s charity after accidentally breaking his cellphone.

According to U.S. Weekly, the Bajan songstress was sitting courtside at the LA Clippers playoff game on May 9 when L.A. Police Commission President Steve Soboroff asked for a selfie with Rihanna wearing a LAPD wristband.

When taking the picture, the cellphone slipped out of the singer’s hands and was badly damaged upon impact with the floor, much to the singer’s horror.

She tweeted an apology, but didn’t stop there.

Rihanna reportedly topped off her apology with a $25,000 donation to Soboroff’s L.A. Police Foundation charity. And Soboroff’s good luck doesn’t stop there. Rihanna signed the cellphone – which still works but has a smashed screen for him. The trinket is now being sold on eBay to the highest bidder.

Half of the funds from the eBay sale will be going to the LAPD Cadet program crisis, which helps underserved kids. The other half will go towards the foundation, which supports the families of fallen officers.


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