Why Female lawyer buys baby for N1.5 million in Ondo



A Lawyer from Cameroon, Mrs Ngala Norgu Julia was recently arrested by men of the Cross River State Command of the Nigerian Immigration Service for allegedly being in possesion of a one-week old baby girl which she claims she was delivered of by a herbalist at Okitiputa, Ondo State.

Mr Samuel Igochi, the Comptroller of Immigration, Cross River State Command said Mrs Ngala was arrested by intelligence and investigation team of the service at the Calabar Port while trying to smuggle the baby which apparently she did not deliver to Cameroon.

“She claims a herbalist, the owner of Ayodele Herbal Home in Okitipupa, Ondo State gave her some herbs which she took in November 2012 and she got pregnant and delivered the baby but there are no signs in her that she actually delivered that baby”.

Mr Ogochi said a team was constituted to examine her but after due examination, there were no signs in her that she actually delivered the baby.

Her breasts were not able to produce any milk which is quite unusual”.The Immigration Comptroller said Barrister Ngala was examined and there were no signs whatsoever assocaited with child delivery in her. “She said she paid the sum of N1.5 million naira to the woman who delivered her of the baby”.

He said the child would be handed over to NAPTIP for preservation till the determination of the case since the Nigerian Immigration Service is not a baby factory.

“Taking care of such a baby is very expensive and time demanding and since the Nigerian Immigration Service is not equipped to handle such responsibility, we will handover the child like the one we had two weeks ago to NAPTIP in Uyo.”

Mrs Ngala who was accompanied by another Cameroonian lady, Mrs Mende Cecila Fru said she heard about Ayodele Herbal Medicine Home which is assisting women to deliver children supernaturally and so, she had to borrow money and come to Nigeria to consult the woman and she was given herbal medicine which she took and got pregnant.

“When I heard that the woman was helping women without children to deliver babies, I borrowed money here and there and came to Nigeria and she gave me herbal medicine and when I went back I met my partner and I became pregnant”.

According to her, out of the sum of N1.5 million, she paid Ayodele Herbal Home, the sum of N277.000 for the herbs to enable her become pregnant while N1 .2 mliion was for the delivery of the baby.

“She told me the delivery was supernatural and so, I should not visit any orthodox hospital when I am about to deliver, that I should go to Okitipupa and truly when I got there, after nine days, she took me to a room and delivered me of the baby”.

She said she was asked to lie on the floor while somebody exerted presssure on her stomach while she was asked to push and the baby came out and fell on the floor . “The woman then beat the child three times on the back and the child began to cry and I was asked to stand up”.

Mrs Fru who accompanied Mrs Ngala on her part said she did not go inside the room where the baby was delivered but that she sat in the parlour and when she heard a baby cry, “they took me inside and I saw the child still covered with blood and I was very happy for my friend for the successful delivery of her baby”.


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