With Valentine’s Day a few days away, two of Nigeria’s music stars, Davido and Wande Coal, have separately released love songs, Aye and Plan B respectively.

The HKN gang head, Davido, teamed up with little known producer, T Spice, instead of the usual suspect, Shizzi, on his single, Aye. The song is about a certain girl who loves Davido but doesn’t care about the flashy stuff. “She no want designer, she no want Ferrari. she na my love o,” he sings.

Inevitably, there is the call for “baby” to shake her backside.

Over T-Spice’s mid tempo beats, Davido sometimes mimics Wande Coal’s rhyming style. The beat is reminiscent of that made popular by “kegite” clubs. (Think, Tony One Week.) The cool tempo makes the song enjoyable and reminds one of an old school video of a generation past slow-grooving to high-life in a jazz club.

“Dance blues”

With Plan B, the Black Diamond, Wande Coal, goes back to what is possibly his first love, nineties RnB.

Plan B is Jodeci and Usher with Wande Coal’s signature high pitch rap-singing.

Wande is trying here to woo Halima from her current boo and he might almost succeed with his earnest plea: “He doesn’t love you as much as I do, everything I do is for you, he doesn’t love you as much as I do.

The song, which is entirely in English, is Wande trying to please himself (and the boo, of course). It is not the usual audience oriented club banger but the artiste doing something that he has always loved and perhaps wanted to do – sing pure RnB.

Unlike Davido’s “mama and papa’s” slow groove, Plan B is secondary school party, you and your crush trying to slow dance (or like we say in Nigeria, “dance blues”) for the first time. Her hands around his neck, his hands on her waist – great for your Valentine playlist.


Nigeria: Wande Coal, Davido “Go Slow” On New Love Songs, Plan B, Aye


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